Hello everybody,

Changelog v1.1
Ramps are flattened and extended
And removed only as a texture
-Additional variant without roof and supports available in the shop Price: 8000 € Daily upkeep: 15 €

Unfortunately I have not yet managed to place the Kärcher on the floor plate.
Then I wanted to block the fixed in the washing place, he is then there but does not work yet.
Therefore, you still have to buy the Kärcher and place it next to the washing machine.
If anyone knows how I got one of them, please PN to me.

thanks to my involuntary, several weeks forced break I came to to deal with the model.
Therefore here for you my first selbstgebbautes and texturietes model of Platzzierbaren washplace.
Because I always had to wash my cars on the lawn no desire.
The Basin has no function, ie, you have to buy you the Kärcher itself.
From three sides ramps are mounted, so that the soil does not have to be 100% just to go straight and with the machine still can, nevertheless the site should not have too much slope.
On the fourth side is no ramp, so you can place closer to the bottom plate to Kärcher.
Since my first completely self-made mod not expect too much. You can find the mod in the Store Placeable objects:
The mod was not tested in MP and DS, so if you could give me feedback if its working or not, would be nice.
Cost: 10000 €
daily upkeep: 25 €
Log is error-free
Have fun with it
LG Rasta

Credits: Rastaman2911


waschplatzv1_1 (file size = 4 MB)

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