Hello everybody,

Woodshire is a new map for the farming simulator 2017 and remembers the northern regions in the USA.

Meanwhile, the map is quite large, but nevertheless mostly very detailed. I will continue to work on the map and maybe add some details and functions.

What does Woodshire offer?
-all the functions of the standard map
-small to large fields and meadows
-Cows, sheep, pigs and chickens (each on a farm)
-Biogas plant
-Village with commercial area and a small industrial area. Here are spinning, bakery, garden center aka Mary’s Farm, Goldcrest Pacific Grain, water tower for water abstraction, empty area for own buildings
-Shop and livestock market
-many forests, a loading area for wood and a sawmill
-Chopped straw
-area for the placement of wind power plants
-quarry and many other details

Credits: Redkeinstus


FS17_Woodshire (file size = 674 MB)

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