Version 1.3.4
Added / modified:
– Expanded map borders, added fields
– Flour mill
– Rybhoz
– Quarry with sand
– Fixed silos

– The bakery changed production
– Some production purchased
– Added BGA with garages
– Modified stock of barter and straw
– Added food storehouses for animals
– In details

The map contains:
– storage of grain crops
– warehouse of vegetables
– warehouse of hay, straw, grass
– seed storage
– Fertilizer storage area (liquid and dry)
– warehouse of refined grain
– fuel storage
– wood chips warehouse
– water tank
– round bales warehouse

– Bakery, flour mill, meat processing plant, BGA, a platform for additional. production – production data purchased
– Manufacture of refined grain (cereals are required for production – we obtain purified grain, grain wastes)
– Seed production (for production requires purified grain, liquid fertilizer)
– Dairy (milk is required for production – we get kefir and fermented milk)
– Bakery (for production requires milk, flour)
– Flour mill (for production requires purified grain – we get flour and bran)
– Fish farm (for production requires bran and soybeans – we get fish)
– Meat combine (for production animals are required – we get meat and sausage)
– Production of feed for pigs (root crops, corn or soybeans, grain wastes are required for production)
– Production of mixed fodder (for cows) (for production requires root crops, hay, straw, silage)
– Sawmill (production requires trees – we get chips and boards on pallets)

Seeds can also be sold on RegionAgroVolga (where seeds and fertilizers are purchased)
Separately there is a point of sale of milk – dairy and school.

Compatible with the fashion season.

Version 1.1.0
– Release

Version 1.2.0
Added / modified:
– ChoppedStraw added to the map
– Compatibility with season fashion
– Fixed shadow mapping issue
– Fixed silos
– Added the ability to collect eggs
– Fixed triggers at the point of sale
– Fixed display of feed in the feeding troughs on the barn
– And a lot of small things
– Added chip storage
– Added to the cowshed for storage of water

Credits: Алексей Потанин

Yagodnoe_FS17_v1.3.4_RASPAKOVATb (file size = 845 MB)

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