ZETOR 5340 BY 3P

IC panel (door, window, roof)
Opened left door to approach
Engine configuration between 5340, 6340, 7340
Tire bending and wheel traces
Moving axle

Halogens front, rear
Black smoke
4 wheel configurations (standard, old-weight, new-type weights and spray wheels)
Configuration between the front hook, the weight, and the torso
Mudguards found in the shop
Assumed turntable TRAC-LIFT or console to the turn in the shop
Tips for rotation and fuel
Moving gear, clutch, brake and gas
Floating cardan shaft
0 Bugs in the log!

Credits: Model: Agromet, Fumski
Programming: 3P

Zetor_5340_3P  (file size = 27 MB)

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